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Foley Primary School 60 Ballymacnab Road Co Armagh

Sports Activities

Foley Primary School offers opportunities for children to participate in a wide range of sporting activities and team games. Some of these include; Hurling, Camogie, GAA Football Boys and Girls, Rounders, Swimming and Soccer.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One also receive Physical Literacy Coaching from DENI Qualified Coaches and Key Stage Two children receive coaching from County Board Games Promotion Officers in Boy and Girls Football, Hurling and Camogie.


Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club runs each morning from 8:30am to 9:00am


After School's Clubs


Clubs are for boys and girls, with P1-P3 children generally attending from 2-3pm, and P4-P7 attending from 3-4pm.

Mondays: Sports Club - Gaelic:

For Sports Club, those attending will experience a range of sports during the programme, as well as developing their physical and emotional literacy at the same time. From soccer to athletics, dodgeball to basketball, and rugby to American football, there will be a different emphasis every week. For this term the club will concentrate on Gaelic Football Skills and will run from Monday 29th April until Monday 24th June(inclusive).This will only be 7 sessions due to Mid-Term Break and Bank Holiday Monday Vacations.

Tuesday: Hurling and Camogie After Schools Club:

Hurling and Camogie club will allow all children to learn and develop skills that prepare each for representing the school and their clubs. These clubs will run for 9 weeks commencing on Tuesday 30th April and finishing on Tuesday 25th June (inclusive). This will only be 8 sessions due to Mid-Term Break.

Primary 1 - Primary 3 from 2-3pm and Primary 4 - Primary 7 from 3-4pm. The cost is £2.00 per session

Wednesdays: Multi-Sports Club

Multi-Sports club will be a fun based Club which will help develop physical and emotional literacy, proper body co-ordination, flexibility, agility and balance; striking, kicking, catching and running skills through a variety of team and individual activities. This club will run from Wednesday 1st May until Wednesday 26th June (inclusive). This will only be 7 sessions due to Mid-Term Break and Our School Trip.

Primary 1 - Primary 3 from 2-3pm and Primary 4 - Primary 7 from 3-4pm. The cost is £2.00 per session

Thursday: Soccer After Schools Club:

Foley Primary School have secured the services of a Soccer Coach from Armagh City Football Club to offer After Schools Football on Thursdays. This programmes next 8 week block commences on  Thursday 9th May and runs each Thursday until Thursday 20th June (inclusive). This will only be 5 sessions due to Mid-Term Break and Elections.

Primary 1 - Primary 3 from 2-3pm; Primary 4 - Primary 7 from 3-4pm. The cost is £2.00 per session


Sports Club - Gaelic(Monday's)

 Hurling/Camogie Club (Tuesday's)

 Multi-Sport Club (Wednesday's)

Soccer Club (Thursday's)

P1-P3 – 2-3pm

P4-P7 - 3-4pm

P1-P3 – 2-3pm

P4-P7 - 3-4pm

P1-P3 – 2-3pm

P4-P7 - 3-4pm

P1-P3 – 2-3pm

P4-P7 - 3-4pm



Monday 29th April

Monday 13th May

Monday 20th May

Monday 3rd June

Monday 10th June

Monday 17th June

Monday 24th June


Tues 30th April

Tues 7th May

Tues 14th May

Tues 21st May

Tues 4th June

Tues 11th June

Tues 18th June

Tues 25th June


Wed 1st May

Wed 8th May

Wed 15th May

Wed 22nd May

Wed 5th June

Wed 19th June

Wed 26th June


Thurs 9th May

Thurs 16th May

Thurs 6th June

Thurs 13th June

Thurs 20th June


Please note that our 'Active' After School Clubs sessions will, weather permitting, take place mostly outside. All in attendance are asked to dress accordingly e.g. have a coat on rainy days. Please wear normal full school uniform in on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and bring a pair of runners for the activities. On Wednesdays children will be in their PE Uniform as normal.

Each session will cost £2.00 and this is to be paid up front to ensure a place; sessions in this block will run for 7-8 weeks this term. In order to book your child’s place, please return the consent slip sent out by the school along with £12, to your child’s teacher ASAP (any cheques for Healthy Kidz Clubs are to be made payable to Healthy Kidz). Places are limited and in the event of over-subscription, names will be pulled from a hat.

Please note that in order to facilitate parents of P1-P3 children who are working and wish to only do one lift at 4pm if they pay an extra £1 in addition to their normal fee they will be able to stay to 4pm and be allowed to participate in the 3pm-4pm session.

(Please note that at the 3.00-4.00pm Clubs; for Health and Safety Reason and due to both older children being present and the type of activities used at the later session to suit the P4-P7 Age Group the younger children may just be supervised from time to time and therefore may not able to take part in all of the activities. Please ensure that if this applies to your child that they stay within the designated supervision area shown to them by the coach)

Friday: Music (Guitar) Schools Club:

We are pleased to announce we have secured the services of a 'Music Tutor' Mr Gary Treanor for guitar lessons. Sessions will take place on Friday afternoons from 12noon - 3.00pm with the timetable being organised by the tutor. Group sessions (Max 5 and Min 2 children) are charged at £4 per session. Individual sessions are £8 per session. Sessions last for 30 minutes.

Children will study well known songs, including pop and rock favourites and even prepare for their grades within the RGT syllabus on either the guitar or ukulele.


Thursday 2nd May - School Closed - Local Elections

Friday 3rd May - School Closed - Staff Development Day

Monday 6th May - School Closed - Bank Holiday

Thursday 23rd May - School Closed - European Elections

Friday 24th May - School Closed - Staff Development Day

Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May (inclusive) - Mid Term Break

Wednesday 12th June - Whole School Trip To Tayto Park

Friday 14th June - School Sports Day

AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS END FOR THIS YEAR ON WEDNESDAY 26th June - No Clubs on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th June