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Foley Primary School 60 Ballymacnab Road Co Armagh

β€œWheelie” Fun Fridays 🚲

29th Apr 2022

Today kickstarted the Cycling Proficiency Scheme in Primary 6 & 7 where we learn how to ride our bicycles safely within the environment of the school playground. The children learnt how to mount their bicycles properly maintaining the pedal-ready position, they learnt about where to position themselves on road (primary and secondary positions) and they learnt how to control their manoeuvres slowly through the cycling course by weaving through the cones. We also looked at how important balance is when needing to signal left and right. 

It was a super start to the scheme and the children really enjoyed getting out on the bikes which is always great to see! πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸš²